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February 8, 2023


Concord Mills Mall

Concord, NC


Speaker starts at 6:45PM

(Basspro closes at 8PM)


Heath is the owner of PISGAH OUTDOORS. His approach to guiding is to meet the customer where they are at in their fishing, and leave them with a little more at the end of the day. Heath fishes by feel, but teaches through method. For Heath, fly fishing is a careful blend of science and art in which the angler first learns the why and the how, then through practice, gains the ability to make a difficult sport look easy.

Heath is more than happy to spend the day with a beginner, or even someone who wants to just try fly fishing; but his end goal is to instill a passion and to develop a relationship that will last for many years to come.

Becoming accomplished at the sport of fly fishing takes a long time and lots of practice. Heath is dedicated to taking that journey with you, and to travel that road as far as you may take it.

While he runs the operation, handles the bookings, manages the website, signs the paperwork, and herds the cats; his first passion is guiding. Thanks to no cell service in the areas he prefers to work, he gets a chance every trip to let those less important duties fade away and focus on your day, your enjoyment, your growth as an angler, and his favorite part of the job.

Don't miss this live in person meeting!

Non-Member guests are encouraged to attend.


FEBRUARY 7, 2023


Concord Mills Mall

Concord, NC


for more information



Many times a fishing buddy or you will put a hook in a body part. Do you need to quit fishing? Probably not. There are several good YouTube videos out there.

Word of advice, medical professionals caution, never push the hook farther through the body part to cut the barb off. there is a significant risk of tissue damage. 

Bear in mind, we are not physicians and have never even played a physician, that's why we fly fish. When in doubt seek competent medical advice.

String Technique

When and Why?

  • Helpful for quick removals and requires few resources
  • Can be performed in the field
  • Careful with removal as the hook may fly off in an unpredictable fashion
  • Should not be used on parts of the body that are free-floating, such as the earlobe


  • Fly line or String or Heavy dental floss


  1. A string or suture should be wrapped/tied around the midpoint of the bend of the hook.
  2. Exert downward pressure on the shank of the fishhook to dislodge the barb as much as possible from the local soft tissue.
  3. Using a quick motion, pull parallel to the barbed tip with the suture.
  4. Be careful as the fishhook will be propelled out very rapidly and can cause additional injury.

fishhook removal string

Upcoming Planned Trips



COST IS $150.00

April 20-23, 2023

The Whistle Stop Lodge 

Arrive Thursday and leave Sunday.

The cost is $150.00 per person. There is a ten person limit (flexible). 

All spots are now filled, if you would like on list incase someone cancels please email.

Dennis West

The annual Spring CFFC spring Nantahala Trip. That's 3 nights and 4 days in some of the best fishing country North Carolina has to offer.

This year the club will be staying with our old friends at the Whistle Stop Lodge in Almond near Fontana Lake.  It is 15 minutes from the Nantahala Outdoor Center, 25 minutes from the Delayed Harvest Section of the Nantahala, and 20 minutes from the Tuckaseegee River in Bryson City and the Tuckaseegee Fly ShopThere are many more streams within easy reach, such as Deep Creek, Noland Creek, Oconaluftee River, Cherokee Reservation trophy water, the Tuck at Dillsboro, Snowbird Creek, and many more Hatchery Supported and Wild Trout streams close by. 

Actually, more than you could fish in a year.  

For more information on where to fish, what flies to use and the current active steams, contact the Tuckaseegee Fly Shop in Bryson City or Sylva. You can also look at on the NC Wildlife Commissions Interactive Fishing Access Map web page to see just how many places there are to fish in the area.

The Whistle Stop Lodge will accommodate 12 comfortably.  There are 4 private rooms with queen beds.  As always, couples and single ladies will be getting priority on the private rooms.  Room assignment will be based on registration date.

Cost for the entire weekend is $150 for 3 nights per person which is Thursday thru Sunday. 

Meals (breakfast and dinner) responsibilities will be shared by those attending - a true highlight of the trip!

South Carolina has more than great football!

For many of our members, South Carolina remains unexplored. It offers some excellent trout fishing opportunities.

Make a promise to yourself to fish a new location in North Carolina this spring.

Follow this link to adventure. 

Every public fishing opportunity is located for your next trip. Find an area of North Carolina you want to explore and zoom in on the prospects. River, lake or pond, are all covered here. Pro tip: Use Google maps separately to explore the terrain and access points.

Wild Brook trout caught in Grassy Creek, NC (Crabtree Falls) : r/NCOutdoors

North Carolina Stocking Schedule

Another awesome trout fishing locator.

PISGAH OUTDOORS The Fish of Pisgah National Forest and Surrounding Area

Meeting at REI, Northlake Mall, CLT.

6:30 PM Meet and Greet  7:00 PM to 8:30 PM Club Meeting.      

The December CFFC meeting will be a casual get together and a swap meet.  A good chance to bring some of your stuff that you don't need and be able to sell or swap for other items. From what I am seeing there should be a lot of good stuff that will be put out. So load up all of your stuff and come on over for an enjoyable evening. 

Also this meeting will be the final chance to get one of the special raffle tickets for the two rods that we will be giving away this meeting. They will raffled separately and will make a couple of folks a nice Christmas present. 

Look forward to seeing you there. 

Monthly Fly Tying Sessions


We are looking to schedule more fly tying classes now that the weather is turning cold. We will be announcing dates and times for the fly tying classes for beginners, intermediate and experienced tiers soon. So keep watch for the dates 

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