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2020 Trips and Outings 

By: Bob Dewey - Director and
John Personette - Assistant Director

The Carolina Fly Fishing Club is planning a banner year of fishing outings for our members. The outings will be planned to appeal to all levels of fly fishers, from beginners to advanced. We will have one day and multi-day outings, cold and warm water fishing, free and low cost events. These outings will provide opportunities to learn new water and benefit from experience and mentoring from other members and, as always, a great opportunity to meet, socialize and fish with fellow CFFC fly fishers.

The schedule of events will become expanded and with firmer dates as we advance in the early months of the year. Following are currently planned, committed outings that you can put on your calendars now and be ready to go. Some events will have maximum attendees and some will require advance payment so be sure to check the events calendar frequently and get registered early for those events that you want to attend. 

Contact Bob Dewey by clicking his name.

2020 Trips & Outings



2020 Delayed Harvest Streams Sorted by County and Stream

Compiled with miles of DH stream and number of fish stocked per mile. This is a great resource for finding streams and numbers of fish available.

Delayed Harvest Stocking Schedule in North Carolina

January 25
Mitchell River
February 15
Wilson Creek
March 10
Helton Creek


March 21

Lying & Tying


March 28

Lying & Tying

Thurs - Sun

Apr 16-19

Nantahala River Trip

Thrus - Sun

May 14 - 16

Davidson River





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