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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a questions, send an email to: 

Problems signing on:
Make sure that you use the correct email, and password. Email and password are in upper right hand corner. If your password was forgotten or lost, fill in your email and click on Forgot Password. Follow the directions and you will be emailed a temporary password to be able to go online.

How to change your password:
After you are logged on hit the Change Password in the upper right hand corner. Follow the directions to change your password.

How to update your Profile:
After you are logged in, hit the View Profile in the upper right hand corner. You will find all of your information on the page. You can change any of the information and it would be appreciated if you have a change in your address or email, please go online and make the changes. In the upper left you will see Edit Profile button, click on that and you are able to make changes to your information. Make sure that you hit the Save button at the bottom of the page when finished.

How to renew your membership online or change your membership level:
Go to your View Profile after you have signed on. You will see in the first section Change Membership Level button. This will allow you to change from an individual to family membership. The Renew button will take you to the renewal page, where you can pay online. Make sure that you have completely filled in all of the information they ask for.

Adding photo to forum using direct link
You can post photos; You need to have a site that you can create a direct link or a .html file, such as With Photobucket you copy the direct link address, then open the link on the top of the page that you are using for your reply. Click on link, then insert link, the inter link details will have a place in the upper left hand corner to paste the address of the Photobucket photo. On the right you have a place marked Link Text, you can put in a name you want to call the link such as this link, "My Big Bass" which will show up in color. You can do multiple photos by repeating this process. 
My big bass
Sneaky Pete
This will allow folks to see your photos without having them on the page.

Adding photo to forum using direct link
You can add a photo to this page by copying the photo as a HTML link on Photobucket. You need to make sure that the photo is small enough to fit on this page. Go to Link and insert link, copy the HTML link from Photobucket to the enter link details in the upper left, then on the right click on "same page" under settings and then put the description of the photo under link text. 

While I use Photobucket for my links to photos most of the other software on the market will provide the same tools as Photobucket. 

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