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CFFC Fly Fishing News 

"Trout Bum Tribune"

                                                Stories and photos of CFFC club outings and fly fishing trips

Sept 14, 2013 CFFC Club Cookout, Latta Plantation

Perfect weather, sunny and warm. A nice gathering of about 50 CFFC club members and a few guests enjoyed the sunny day outdoors at Mountain Island Lake eating some grilled burgers and brats. Some folks kept busy taking some casting practice and getting some pointers on casting from the advanced casters in the club. Many thanks to all the members that brought all those tasty side dishes and great tasting desserts. As usual the Peddler purchased a nice variety of fly fishing items for raffle prizes and silent auction.




Aug 15-18, 2013 South Holston River, Bristol TN Trip

A short update on subject outing..... We had a total of 6 participants make the trip. Two others had last minute cancellations. This was the first SoHo outing that I can recall where TVA released water 24 hours per day, every day. Wade fishing was not possible for any day of our planned stay.

This did not prevent the guys from finding fishable water near by. On the trip over on Thursday, I stopped and fished the Doe on Roan Mountain for about an hour with some success on small rainbows. Most everyone arrived at Castaways Thursday afternoon or evening. On Friday, Dave and Bill elected to hire a guide and float the SoHo in the AM. Bill also floated the upper Watuaga in the afternoon. Fish were caught on both trips and several were nice sized fish. John, Dave and I decided to fish Stoney Creek...first time for all 3 of us. We were told that the water was about 2 feet higher than normal and the water was a bit stained. However, it was fishable and we caught close to 30 smallish rainbows in a few hours.

On Saturday we all headed to the Beaver Dam creek. This was new water for 5 of the 6 paricipants. The stream was high and somewhat clouded but was fishable with some careful wading. Fish were caught by almost everyone and a few large trout lost on long distance releases.

In spite of the unfavorable water release schedule on the SoHo,  everyone expressed great satisfaction with the trip. Social time, some late night tying, discussions and sharing of flies and techniques and dinners together were enjoyed by everyone. Getting to meet new members, learn new territory and fish new streams was a big bonus for all the participants.


March 2, 2013 Stone Mountains State Park DH Day Trip

We had a group of a dozen or so club members turn out for a good breakfast before we headed up to Stone Mountain State Park for the ice breaker day trip. Grouping up for car pooling seemed a lil bit of a challenge due to folks planning on heading back home at a variety of times, so the long vehicle caravan seemed to work just fine. Seemed we didn't lose anyone in the process...

 The CFFC caravan rolled up to the park gate about 10 minutes before the Rangers showed up to let us in, which was great timing because we all had first shot at the prime locations along the Delayed Harvest section of East Prong of the Roaring River. Temps were a bit chilly, overcast and 30s with a few snow flakes falling from time to time. Thanks to the NCWRC the river was chock full of dumb rookie trout, perfect!

 I was able to catch up to most folks on the river at one point or another and it seemed everyone was having some success locating the the fish and catching some too. I had to do some hiking around looking for some others to try to get some photos. Most everyone was fishing the DH water as I didn't get any reports from anyone hitting the the wild trout streams. I hope to read a few stories and see some photos on the Forum as well, its was a good day to fly fish.


                       Geared up and ready to get started...time to find the trout


                             Making quick work ripping lips at the iron bridge hole


                                  "Big Trout" ripped a couple dozen fish lips


                           Only a dozen or so Brook & Rainbows in this hole 


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