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By most measures this trip was a great success.  19 people signed up.  I personally met with 14 of those people and some others that did not sign up.  There were at least 5 women, most of whom seemed to be catching fish. 

The weather was a little foggy at first but cleared off by 10:00 a.m.  The river was a little high and muddy from the heavy rain in the area the day and night before but the water cleared considerably during the day.  The temperature neared 50 degrees as the day wore on and it was a very pleasant day although the temperature of the water remained around 43 degrees all day.

Many people caught fish and some did not.  Such is fishing.  Most of the success seemed to be upstream from the bridge that is past the gate of the gate at the end of the gravel road.  Those who went downstream did not seem to do as well.  Several of the women fished just downstream from the bridge and seemed to do well.

Aside from the fact that several in the group did not catch any fish, it was a great day.


Bob Dewey

Director of Trips.

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